We help companies & people innovate, grow and bring new ideas to market

BRECHER Prototyping is focused on developing products and custom machines that causes a great final consumer impact, by providing prototyping and creative engineering services according to desirable budgets and specifications.

We are committed to give our best effort to raise the competitiveness of our clients to fully engagement and understanding of what they really need, not what they are just asking for.

We believe in the need of a continuous improvement mindset and effective teamwork to be able to accomplish ourselves as one, together with the company.

Our principles are:
Drive Innovative product solutions
Improve your products
Increase added value to your products

R&D | 3D... (more)


From conceptualization until production.


Polymers (plastics, ceramics, rubbers) & Soft Metals


Rapid Tooling & Rapid Machining: 3D Printing CNC Custom mold injection Urethane cast Silicon cast


From 1 to 1000 parts.