A workshop for shoemakers, a classroom for beginners and a sample room for entrepreneurs. All under one umbrella.

Brooklyn Shoe Space provides a wide variety of services under one roof:
- Offer equipped working space for member shoemakers
- Host educational programming on footwear and leather goods

With Brooklyn Shoe Factory:
- Small scale sample room for entrepreneurs and shoe designers sourcing locally
- Consulting; providing access to services either locally or overseas, connection to craftsmen and additional talents to help launch a footwear collection.
- Small scale manufacturing for specific styles of shoes in our expanded manufacturing space in New Jersey.


We will help you get your project going from any stage. From line development to sketching to technical specification, our team of incredible designers and craftsmen all work together to help you develop your project to make your ideas into a concrete reality.


Pattern making is a craft of its own. If there's a fit problem with your shoes, we can help you adjust the patterns. Normally, pattern-making is included in our sample-making process. But if you want just the patterns to be made, we can do that too. We can digitize and grade the patterns as well.


We try our best to find the best fit and best material for the client and the project. We sell lasts and some basic shoemaking supplies that are necessary for classes held in our workshop.


From your sketches and the lasts that is to your specification, we can create a sample for you. We try to problem solve issues that can occur during production. Normally, we create a half pair prototype, do a round of corrections, and then a full pair samples. * If the client does not require sourcing materials, materials are to be provided by the client.


We can help source components and services for footwear and prepare for local production.


We do small scale production for any samples that we have created in-house.