Belts, Bags, Wallets and Sandals since 1975

Chaucer Leather is one of the oldest remaining leather accessories factory in the USA. Since 1975, Chaucer is proud to be Made in the USA. Our customers include retailers in better specialty markets, outdoor retailers, online merchants and OEM brands.

We use all types of leathers, including Cowhide, American Bison, American Alligator and Snake. We also have expertise in all types of Nylon Belts, Pattern Belts, Outdoor Belts and Fabric Belts with leather points.

We source raw materials from all over the world. From leather to metal parts to plastics to canvas yard goods, Chaucer can... (more)


We discuss possible ideas and how they can be developed and made.


Most of our products require some commitment for dies and machine set ups. We arrange all the details.


We make samples pending production orders. Generally, we don't proto-type or develop products without a production commitment.


We handle all tooling and elements for producing orders for product.


Our minimum order for custom designs is 120 pcs for belts and 25 pcs for bags. Most of our orders are 300 pcs or more.