Collars-N-Dickies offers turtleneck dickies, mock dickies, police dickies, thermo dickies, and collars.

The Collars-N-Dickies Company, manufacturers of Turtleneck and Mock Dickies, was established in 1997 and is currently operating in all 50 states, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom South Africa, Iceland, and Portugal.

We manufacture our own "back Alley" style brand Turtleneck, Mock and Thermo Dickies. All Dickies are made from 50/50 poly/cotton ringspun fabric for soft, supple comfort and good looks. We have an assortment of 12 different colors to choose from. Our dickies are also great as blanks for embroidery, and this is how they are used by several of our customers.

We are critical buyers of Knit Collars and buy from... (more)


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