Partnering with you to build quality products designed to delight your customers

CornerMade produces inspiring furniture, built with unmistakable quality at surprisingly affordable prices. While we produce our own pieces, we also partner with likeminded brands to produce their products in our Seattle facility.

What we can do for you:
- Product development and design
- Prototyping
- Material sourcing
- Creation of fixtures, tools and efficient workflows
- Small and large production runs
- QA and testing
All done in a responsive, collaborative fashion using the latest technology and methods.

Based in Seattle, we make lots of sawdust, noise, and some quality products, too. All of our design, production and fulfillment is completed from a single... (more)


We engage with clients to understand their needs as well as the underlying customer needs. From here, we collaborate on creating the products that deliver a fantastic customer experience and elevate the brand. We believe that we are skilled at engaging at the right level of detail: if the brand would like to discuss the finer points such as fasteners and finishes or keep it higher level and let us manage these items, we are pleased to work either way.


We happily create drawings, mock-ups, and photo-realistic renderings of products and iterate as needed to ensure we are on track for a winning product.


We are able to source a variety of raw materials via our existing relationships. Primary materials include walnut, red oak, white oak, birch, maple, cherry and a number of other American hardwoods.


We are able to create samples of the products ahead of production for validation and refinement. Additionally, we are able to send material swatches to help with material selection.


We create all fixtures, jigs and tools required to manufacture a product with quality and repeatability.


With adequate planning, we are able to mass produce products. We have an open discussion with brands on their needs and our capabilities to ensure alignment early in the process.