Low volume manufacturing of Luxury knitwear

Fully fashion knitwear sampling and manufacturing based out of Brooklyn, NY
We work on STOLL industrial machines of 14 to 5.2gg, which means we can handle 3gg yarns as well as 7gg, besides the fine gauge
We do not work with minimums, we work with price breaks, so the larger the order, the lower the price


As knitwear is such s specialised field, I am here to help designers understand the subtleties. I work with various designers from both coasts and I find that the most effective way to include knitwear into a line is by making pieces that are cohesive with the rest of the collection. I encourage designers to tell me more about their vision and collection and with that information I suggest yarns and stick structure to begin with.


We request a technical packet with a clear design of what is wanted along with specifying measurements and finishings. As knitwear is a bit different we are flexible and can work from examples that clients bring us of pieces they want to use as inspiration along with information of what they would want to change.


We have a limited amount of poplar yarns available in stock and we work closely with Silkcity Fibers. They keep a small selection of their yarns here, and we can easily get more from them quite fast. We also work with mills in Italy and in China on regular basis, so basic yarns like 100% cashmere, cashmere blends or merino wool and cotton are always in stock


We do sampling as well as duplicates. We start by developing the stitch and make sure we get the tension and density desired. Once that is take care of, we start the process of making the first sample. We have a fitting and approve the style, or make slight adjustments. If adjustments are needed, a second sample is knitted as part of the development cost.


We do production without minimums. We work with price breaks, so the larger the order the lower the price. Grading for up to 3 sizes (XS-M-L) are included in the development fee and we will be able to tell how much yarn will be needed depending on the size of the order


We do production without minimums. We work with price breaks, so the larger the order the lower the price. We consider 1 to 10 pieces duplicates and they are twice the production price. Below you will find the price breaks 1-10 units 11-49 units 50-99 units 100-199 units 200-299 units 300-399 units 400-500 units