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Creative Priority is a full service branding agency. We offer expert support in sales, design, brand strategy & product manufacturing.

We offer:
Tech pack creation
Sample making
Pattern making
Small run cut and sew production
Screen Printing
Sales & design consulting

Please email us with your project description and we will reply with an accurate quote. create at creativeprioritybrand dot com


All stories start with an idea. Acted upon ideas eventually become stories and all good brands are rooted in an original story. Before a story can be told, it must be written and produced; the identity of the plot must be discovered. Moreover, the origin of the story must stem from the founding idea and this is where we come in – we are a group of idea caretakers. Let us harness your idea and produce words for your story. Here are the services we offer pertaining to Direction and Strategy: Branding & Identity Strategic Planning Mixed Marketing Go-To Market Strategy Social Media Management Multi-level Trend Analysis In short, Design is our intention. It can be applied to all that we do as an agency because it has a vast mix of meanings with a single concept constantly at its core: to create. The word 'design' can be used often and everywhere because it can be taken in two different contexts - both as noun and as verb; we believe you must respect both of its contexts to completely understand its multiple applications: Design: (Noun) - purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object. and Design: (Verb) –to decide upon the look and function of (a building, garment, or other object), typically by making a detailed drawing of it. Here are the services we offer pertaining to Design: Logo Creation Art Direction Line Building Marketing & POP Collateral UI/UX & Mobile App Design Print & Ad Development Product & Lifestyle Photography


Our agency is full service and can make patterns off samples and reference pieces. *Patterns, marks and grades can only be created with commitment to production.


We can assist in sourcing any type of material you are looking for. We have partners with mills in Los Angeles, China, Taiwan and Korea that can produce the material that you are looking for.


We are happy to make your samples for you. In fact, we require a sample to be made and approved before going to production. Samples and patterns are only started when commitment to production is agreed upon.


The way we see it, if we are going to call ourselves a ‘full service creative agency,’ then we should be able to produce and manufacture what we think up and design for our clients. From cut & sew textiles to simple screen printing jobs, we have you covered. Here are the services we offer pertaining to Production: Product Development Material Sourcing Cut & Sew Manufacturing US & Overseas Based Manufacturing P.O.P. Development Screen Printing * Our Minimum order quantity is around 200 pieces depending on what you are trying to produce. Email us with your job description and we can accurately quote you out.