Custom woven, printed labels and high quality hang tags!

Woven Patch

Assorted die cut woven patches

If you don’t like the look of embroidered patches, or want a more detailed patch, woven patches are a great option. Woven patches are produced just like woven labels, but are usually die cut to shape and have a felt backing. Woven Patches can be sewn on or ironed on. You can also have over-lock stitching on woven patches. Woven patches are generally less expensive than embroidered patches, and are faster to produce. But if you are looking for that embroidered look, woven patches might not work for your needs.

Woven patches can also be made into key chains, dog tags, promotional items, and zipper pulls by inserting materials inside to give dimension and 3D effect. Woven patches can enhance the look of your clothing, toys, shoes, accessories and much more!