Small-scale manufacturing and production consulting services

Do you want to make goods in the USA? Let us help!

Davis-Peterson is a full service manufacturing house. We focus on supporting and encouraging local manufacture and sustainable growth for companies large and small. Our in-house production services are great for small companies looking to outsource the manufacturing of homewares, soft-goods, leather products and other small goods. For a company looking set up their own factory to manufacture products themselves, our consulting services provide all the support a small factory needs: facility establishment, efficiency evaluations, machine setup and repair and other services to... (more)


We can help clients refine and perfect their ideas to prepare for production. We typically only offer this service if we will be following the product through our own manufacturing house, OR if the client is looking for someone to R/D their product and then train their own employees to produce in-house.


We offer pattern-drafting (at this time we do not offer CAD services-all patterning is done-by-hand for products to be manufactured in-house) for a wide range of products such as: soft-goods (bags, wallets, accessories), home goods (pillows, decorative items, duvet etc...). We have a diverse manufacturing background and just because it isn't listed doesn't mean we can't manufacture it!


We can help customers source appropriate materials for their product if necessary.


We can create samples to a clients specification based on a tech pack OR after the clients product has gone through our R/D/pattern-making process. We love helping industry outsiders, so if you don't have a tech pack and instead you just have a rough sketch, we can work with that. We prefer in-person meetings, but can also offer our services via Skype to clarify ideas and guide you through the production processes from ideation to final product.


We can fully prepare your product for production. Including sourcing the necessary dies, templates and other components to prepare it for our manufacturing team.


We can produce quantities of products from 0 ~ 1000 units. For production its important to streamline things as well as possible and having the right machines, and the right people on those machines is critical to producing consistent, quality products. We cut, click, brand, rivet, grommet, edge-finish (burnish, polish or wax) snap and sew all kinds of products. We tend to do more leather products, but are experienced with a variety of other materials. Our highly skilled & experienced team can serve little and big companies equally well. Email or call us to see if your product is a good fit. In addition to offering our own manufacturing services to small businesses, we also offer facility establishment services for businesses wanting to manufacture independently. Visit our website for more information regarding facility establishment.