Brand launch consulting firm specializing in Made in the USA products

We are a seasoned accessories brand launch consulting firm and manufacturer, specializing on Made in the USA Product launches.

We work with large an small companies to help them navigate the complex world of Made in America development and production.

We have many years experience in Concepting, ideation, designing , Tech packs, 3-D designs, a library full of fabrics and leathers from around the USA, costing, supply chain management, and oversight of manufacturing partners here in the USA. We have already done the roadwork for you- we have worked for the past 5 years on... (more)


We work with all levels of brands from start ups to larger co branded product launches. With our start ups we work very closely helping them develop product ideations, planning, calendars, budgets, supply chain advisement, costing, correct tech packs, and other technical advise.


We have a huge range of raw materials vendors we work with including local, US based vendors, and regional raw materials vendors. We reccomend these vendors to our clients based on years of success with these vendors products. We only use Vendors we have some kind of history with and have vetted their products.


We select from our partner factories a perfect factory partner who we will direct for you with all details of your project with weekly updates and meetings with you. The factory is selected for you based on a number of key questions we ask in the initial planning stages including but not limited to costing, market section, quality needs, retail price point, Timing of project, and future production order quantities.


Yes our factories can complete production dies, and tooling for you or we can use an outside vendor as well. You always own your dies and tooling after the project . We also can help you with creating logo embossing plates and packaging.


Once a brand is ready to do mass production, or an established larger brand would like to do a larger mass production of a Made in America project, we have the facilities and infrastructure available including correct packaging and shipping materials, barcoding, tagging, hangtags, warehousing, and logistics. WE also can set up or recommend a perfect back end solution for your fulfillment needs.