Design Source Studio is owned by a Parsons BFA graduate who found her footing in the NYC production portion of the garment industry.

Design Source Studio is an apparel design development and manufacturing facility.

Our team consists of sample makers of 25+ years of experience in tailored and soft goods. And a manager with a strong design foundation and understanding of garments through her rigorous education at Parsons School of Design. She can understand the designer’s point of view and is willing to help come up with the proper solutions in the beginning of development, which benefits the designers in production and... (more)


With the expererience we have in design and construction, we initially work with the client so the client does not make novice mistakes. We think ahead for production, and if the client is inclined to seek further services in refining their product, we will take the time and find the solution to do so. We are a resourceful team.


We can do full pattern development, from sketch to prototype (muslin).


We can give a list of resources, or send the clients to the correct vendors, but as for sourcing materials, rarley do we take on this task because the companies we work with are very diverse.


We create samples. From sketch to sample. Many of our samples are featured in NY fashion week, and media.


Yes, there is a separate fee for this. But the goal from development to sampling, is to ensure that the production preparation will be smooth.


Yes, We work with all different size companies. Our list of companies is confidential, this is a request from our clients, but our garments are shipped to high end departments stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and specialty stores all around the world.