Knitwear Design and Education Services

DIRAKNITS is a New York City based knitwear studio focused on providing inspirational swatches, research, design assistance and education to the global fashion industry. We are able to work with clients in a range of markets including mens, womens, childrens, accessories and home markets.

We also provide unique creative knitwear and design workshops for designers, students, fine artists, crafters, and children.

Dira, the company founder, has an MA in Knitwear Design and has worked with companies in both Europe and the United States. She is passionate about knitwear and enjoys assisting clients with their knitwear development needs.

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Will provide assistance with design development in addition to the development of your ideas from the sketch phase.


We have limited yarn available for sampling and swatching.


Depending on your needs, we able to produce sample knitted garments. We are also able to visit factory to assist with development of first samples and swatches using Stoll and Shima Seiki technologies.


We create garment visualization, technical CAD flats, hand-drawn illustrations, and prepare technical packs in order to assist you in getting your garments ready for production.


We are able to assist with small-batch production < 50 units on hand-knitted and hand-loomed pieces