Metal and Leather proto-typing and samples

Dave is a Master Model Maker with almost 20 year of experience. Dave has helped every major fashion company through the process of prototype development. From Handbags, shoes, jewelry, small leather goods, etc. This means sitting with the designers, reviewing the design, and figuring out a time line to production. Your designs will come back to you in brass, ready for the next step to production. All proto's are handmade out of brass, wax, or any other medium for a successful model. Some examples of pieces developed, name plates, zipper pulls, d-rings, strap attachments, handbag locks, logo rivets, all jewelry... (more)


Consult with designers to bring their metal hardware designs from concept to production ready pieces. Helping to understand function and application , as well as textural element, and aesthetics. Specialize in engineering the piece for production. Another words getting the BUG,S out.


I can help the customer with a pattern necessary for he or she,s project. With 20+ years of accessory design I understand form and function and what is available out there to incorporate into your design. A good pattern is also essential for a top of the line prototype sample.


Materials are provided for small sample runs, the types of materials are dictated by the accessory project. Example, jewelry; materials, silver, gold, platinum, brass, copper, etc. Handbag hardware; materials, brass, or white metal. Small leather goods; material, leather, etc.


Small runs of samples can be provided to the customer. Sample runs, depending on the piece can be up to 20-25 pieces for jewelry and hardware. We do not do production handbags.


We provide all necessary Master Models for your Handbag hardware. These Models will be engineered, to be ready for the molding process in production. a list of sources for the casting will be given at the time of Master Model completion.