Smart Recovery Tags for the Mobile Age

Dynotag enables all bag/garment/personal equipment manufacturers to embed end-user item recovery tags right into their products.

Due to the technology and IT maintenance costs/commitments required, currently only high-end garment and equipment manufacturers can place recovery assistance tags in their products - and even the best of those are difficult to set up and use.

Dynotag changes all of this, in a cost effective and expedient manner - making smart recovery tags just another fixed cost item in your inventory of cool goods applicable to any product. For the manufacturer, it is like adding a button to the product.... (more)


You have a great idea: incorporate a "Smart Recovery Tag" feature into your products for your customers, boosting your brand awareness and increasing loyalty. Send us your artwork and our art team can help incorporate it into a variety of Smart Recovery Tag ideas. Contact us for a free consultation to review your choices in capability, materials and size.


Our mission is to provide you with the most capable and cost effective Web Enabled Smart Recovery Tag technology solution for your products. Your end customers will be delighted - guaranteed! For the "PATTERN-MAKING" phase, depending on the material used for the tags and the placement on the product, guidance can be provided on how the Smart Tag information is laid out on your application. You can use any pattern/art you see fit - as long as there is enough room for the dynotag QR Code, unique Tag URL and the "Activation Code" on the tag. For the "TOOLING" phase, you handle the tooling/production preparation for your core products - we focus on the Smart Recovery Tag only. We can produce the tags for you to attach to your product - or - if you choose to manufacture the tags yourself, we can provide you with the know-how and information to embed the dynotag smart tags into your product... For the "SAMPLE-MAKING" phase, we can provide you with samples of our standard consumer product versions of our Smart Recovery Tags to help understand how dynotag smart tags would work in your workflow. Depending on the type of tag and application, we can also create a sample "virtual campaign" to go over and tune the end user experience.


We can provide mass produced batches of custom built Smart Recovery Tags, ready to incorporate into your product - OR - work with you to help develop/apply the physical tags into your product.