Manufacturer of Environmentally Friendly Products

EcNow Tech is a manufacturer of plastic products made from plants. The polymers are made from plants instead of petroleum which enables customers to place the products in composting facilities and digesters and the products break down within 5 - 30 days.

Capabilities include custom development of polymer materials to optimize performance and cost, design of products, construction of tooling and manufacturing of products in injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming.

EcNow Tech has the facilities to provide rapid prototyping with 3-D printing and prototype tooling capabilities as well as high volume production with fully automated systems.


EcNow Tech has full 3-D CADD (computer aided design) capabilities and 3-D printing which allows for rapid generation and collaboration on ideas in a cost affordable way.


EcNow Tech can custom develop polymer materials which are made from recycled and plant based sources to enable the best environmental solution for customers. We provide materials to manufacturers as well as produce products for customers from our materials.


A 3-D printer and the ability to build low cost prototype tooling allows EcNow Tech to provide cost effective and rapid time to market for samples.


EcNow Tech can produce 1 cavity tooling up to multi-cavity tools which can produce millions of components per month.


EcNow Tech produces quantities as low as hundreds of components per month and can mass produce components in the millions per month. We tailor our manufacturing to the needs of our customers.