Manufacturer of Fiberglass.

We have a pattern shop to build molds of every shape and size for fiberglass production. We also manufacture fiberglass parts from molds for production of one off orders to long-term production orders.
We also have a complete steel fabrication shop for structural steel applications.


Some designs make sense on paper, but for fiberglass production simply cannot be built. Either a change in the design must be made, or two molds must be made to marry together in the final stages of production.


We have a pattern shop for making the plugs and molds. We have access to a 5 axis service and/or can create from scratch anything that can be dreamed.


We sell manufactured material using fiberglass/resin products to the order standard of our clients.


We can create laminate parts as samples. These samples are for clients to see the quality of gelcoat and thickness of a our parts.


We can tool molds only for clients, or we can tool molds to move into production.


We can. We have been manufacturing waterslide parts of various shapes and sizes for years. We also manufacturer for a motorcycle company various parts.