Providing designers and brands with the resources and expertise to streamline their sample to production process.

Factory8 is a New York City based facility dedicated to providing designers and brands with the resources and skills necessary to streamline their sample to production process.

We offer the intimacy and convenience that come hand in hand with local manufacturing, including specialized customer service to fit your company’s needs.

At Factory8 we work diligently and efficiently to personify the benefits of domestic production for our clients.

We have found that keeping the sample to production process in our backyard is not only more affordable, but enables more timely turnaround, increased involvement and improved innovation.


We will advise on how feasable an idea is, and advise ways to make it more cost-effective or produciton friendly.


We offer 1st pattern through produciton pattern. We make pattern corrections along every step of the development process as requested by the client until we reach approved fit. We prefer to work with our own patterns as we take full responsibility over all samples. It is not possible to guarantee sample quality unless we know the patterns we are working with are our own.


Yes, we create all patterns and samples.


Yes, we do everything in house. The only thing we do not do is source raw materials such as fabric or trim. In special instances however, we can advise you in sourcing needs.


Yes. We only accept development projects that are destined for production.