Helping Designers Start Profitable Businesses!

Fashion consultant agency specializing in business, career, and image consulting. We work with both start-up and established designers/entrepreneurs to help them start and grow PROFITABLE fashion businesses. We offer 1 on 1 coaching as well as Project/Digital Management, Online Courses and NYC/LA Fashion District Manufacturing Tours.

Coaching services include; Finding your actual target customer, building a following and turning them into customers, driving traffic to your online store, how to pitch buyers, creating tech packs, sourcing & negotiating manufacturing, crowdfunding campaigns, costing for profit, navigating production, and more!

We also have Project Managers based... (more)


With over 15 years of experience in Design and Merchandising, we can help you refine your idea and take it from concept to reality.


Instead of providing direct pattern-making services, we connect our clients with established pattern-makers in the industry. We place greater emphasis on coaching and mentorship. After our coaching sessions, each of our clients can effectively communicate with a potential pattern-maker in order to execute an idea from a sketch to a finished garment.


We do not provide materials, but we connect our clients with a wide array of wholesale fabric vendors, leather distributors, print studios, trim suppliers. and more. We also offer seasonal manufacturing tours- offering start-up designers the chance to meet some of the industry's most trusted distributors first-hand!


We do not make samples, but we aid our clients in everything from fabric sourcing to costing, to developing tech packs and conducting proper fittings with a pattern-maker.


We do not provide tooling or preparation materials but we recommend our clients to manufacturers that will best facilitate their specific market niches.


While we don’t provide direct production services, we’re extremely hands-on in helping our clients navigate the entire production process. Not only do we put them in contact with notable manufacturers, we offer coaching for every step of the process including the following: budgeting marking and grading costs, preparing cut tickets and contracts, quality control precautions, packaging, and so much more. We educate our clients on how to communicate with industry manufacturers like a pro.