When it's time to measure up!

We offer Design and Development services to fashion & sewn goods industry. Experienced and savvy enough to handle the needs of larger companies, yet patient and friendly with new start-ups during the learning curve. We offer webcam consultations & fit sessions, CAD patternmaking, hand patternmaking/draping, 3D rendering, rough mockups, test samples, tech packs and one-on-one educational support. Please note that while we do offer "mock-up" services, are focus / forte is in the design & pattern development stage. As such, we recommend that your final sales samples be outsourced, preferably done by your intended sewing... (more)


We offer one on one webcam consultations to go over each of your designs and concepts to make sure your vision will be well thought and clearly documented on paper with the proper drawings, specifications and descriptions to communicate with everyone involved in your project.


We offer both computer and hand pattern making/draping depending on the best method for that design. If the design is straightforward or we are working from a previously proven block, CAD pattern making is the most effective choice. When exploring new or experimental designs with the need to see the behavior and look of your fashion fabric, hand draping is a more tangible method. Once the design has been hand draped, the pieces are flattened and digitized for further completion on CAD. Patterns are available for delivery in both paper and digital formats, including tiled .pdf patterns if you would like to print/assemble them yourself using standard paper from your desktop printer.


We are able to create rough mock-ups to test the pattern for accuracy and desired changes before you proceed with a true sample. First samples are then cut/sewn in your provided fashion fabric to fully audition the overall design, fit and fabrication of the garment before continuing to your final samples and/or production. Since our focus is in development, we do not offer final/duplicate samples or production.