Let us give your brand life!

Fashion Saints is a full service garment production company founded by creative director, Yazmiyn Sabriya. Fashion Saints was created to assist start up and small volume fashion brands with their journey towards developing a collection. It is our mission to provide the best quality, services and prices that most full service production companies wouldn't provide smaller companies.

Fashion Saints is team of talented and artistic individuals who have experience in every aspect of the garment production .We offer affordable pricing, fast turnover and professional results!

We Offer services in the following:
-Ideation- Professional, hand-drawn sketches and/or graphic fashion illustrations.
-Specification and Technical Packages.
-ON-Site Fittings... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


At Fashion Saint, we create mood boards based on the designs the brand is going for. Once the mood board is created or a reference photo is received , we sketch the designs and/or create illustrations to include in the brands tech pack.


Once we receive or develop a sketch of the designs, we gather the measurements of the brands ideal 'fit model' and then we move forward to create the patterns for the pieces from scratch. At Fashion Saints our team uses skill in draping and flat pattern to create patterns that fit perfectly to the fit model. We use muslin fabric to create a sample mock up of the design and then we conduct a fitting to assure fit and quality.


We do not provide materials, however at Fashion Saint we are very knowledgeable of where to purchase the best and affordable fabrics and trim. We even assist brands with running fabric errands for them or performing research about the fabric for our client. To learn more about this service, please reach out with an email.


Fashion Saints create samples for small brands. There is currently no minimum.


We perform fittings with our clients pieces to insure that the fit of the sample is up to the brands standard before moving forward with production.


We assist with small volume mass production.