Custom Hang Tags, Packaging and Fulfillment.

Every day we're producing truly unique, hand crafted hang tags, packaging and other printed items that make your products look fantastic. Letterpress, offset and digital printing, foil stamping, die cutting, embossing, all in-house. Want to do something unique with a different material? We're game. Need just a few or a few hundred thousand? We can handle it. Looking for someone to take care of packaging, shipping and fulfillment? Our team packages thousands of orders each week and ensures that everything arrives on time and in perfect condition. We're here to help, all... (more)


We love working with new designs, and welcome opportunities to review your ideas and help make the most of your time, money and efforts.


When your designs are ready, we're happy to input your graphics and make sure that the final piece will be exactly what you're envisioning.


We have a close partnership with some of the largest paper manufacturers in the country, not just because we print on their papers, but because we create marketing materials for them. As such, we have access to thousands of stocks in a wide range of colors, weights and textures. We also have partners and sources for other materials like fabrics, vinyls, ribbons, strings and more. With our expertise in selecting just the right material for printing, your packaging and hang tags will be as unique as your product.


We're happy to create a mock-up sample of your designs before going to print. This ensures that everything is exactly as you want it, and you'll know what the finished piece will look and feel like.


If your design requires, we'll keep any special tooling on hand here in our plant to ensure that production and reruns go as quickly as possible. This can include custom dies for foil stamping, embossing or die cutting tags and packaging into unique shapes, as well as cuts for letterpress printing.


We have equipment to produce a few samples for a trial run or a few hundred thousand items for a full production run. We have no set minimum for an order, and are always happy to advise where the best cost breaks are when choosing your final quantity. We also have the staff on hand to handle custom assembly and fulfillment of orders at any size or quantity.