3D Virtual Samples & Pattern-making

Fireflyline specializes in 3D virtual samples created from your 2D pattern. You can see what the style looks like and make style, color, or print adjustments before proceeding with physical samples.

Need patterns created? Fireflyline can create a 2D digital pattern that can be transferred to your manufacturer in a variety of formats.

Fireflyline provides technical services and process improvements to those creating cut & sew goods. The goal is to improve the development process while still allowing creative design freedom! The artistry necessary to create unique designs should be respected. Our goal is to enhance the process, not remove... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


If you are still in the concept stage, Fireflyline can provide technical sketches, measurements, and help you determine the best construction. All the information will be pulled together into a technical package for the factory to follow.


Fireflyline uses Optitex 2D software to create digital patterns.


Fireflyline creates 3D virtual samples. These are 3D digital models of your garment, created from virtually stitching the 2D pattern. Why go through this step? It can remove weeks from the development process and helps to refine your concept.