Design and Manufacture House

We are a collective space”"a place for designers to come together, to collaborate, to share ideas, and to create objects. Started in 2007 by Jason McCloskey, a RISD furniture design graduate, flitch studios initially focused on the design and manufacturing of fine furniture and skis. In 2014, the studio moved to Denver, Colorado and expanded to include fellow RISD graduates Elish Warlop and Laura Kishimoto. As a collective space, flitch studios aims to imbue designers with ideals of inquiry, experimentation, craftsmanship, and simplicity.

In addition to our own work, we help other designers bring their designs into the physical world. We... (more)


Designers at flitch studios bring varied backgrounds and specialties. We also have vast experience with building and enjoy the process of taking a concept from ideation, through prototyping, and into production. Flitch Studios specializes in fine furniture construction, wood bending, mold making, and innovative design solutions.


In house, we work primarily with CAD, Rhino 3D and AutoCAD. We can help to develop 3D models and employ these models to streamline the prototyping and/or production process. This step often helps designers to find kinks, explore solutions, and further develop concepts.


We will work with you to make a prototype at any step in the process. Most production is done in house but we are also building a network of local artisans (metal workers, glass blowers, ceramists, etc.) to serve as a multi-faceted platform for prototyping across mediums. We can help refine your designs for both function and ease of manufacturing.


Flitch Studios' manufacturing portfolio includes designers in Colorado, Washington, California, and New York. We are currently accepting new projects for small batch manufacturing runs. We deliver fine furniture construction, detailed craftsmanship, and accurate execution of designs.