product design from concept to manufacture

We use mechanical, electrical, and industrial design to prototype and develop products for mass production. We are as crazy about great client experiences as we are about designing disruptive products.
Get in touch if you need help with:

• Prototyping
• Consumer Electronics
• Medical Devices
• Mechanical Engineering
• Printed Circuit Boards
• Manufacturing Support
• Design Concepts
• 3D Printing


As a small design consultancy, we are used to starting from ideas whether they're napkin sketches or garage-made prototypes. We can help refine product ideas through: - industrial design sketches - industrial design renderings - user research / interviews - 3D printing - prototyping - 3D CAD - circuit boards (PCBs)


We do not manufacture anything, we design for manufacturing and help you find the right factory. So, we do not provide materials, but design for specific materials and processes. When we create prototypes, we will 3D print your designs for free and the costs of any other materials used in prototyping are passed through to the client with no markup.


We create prototypes of the products we design. They are not samples from a manufacturer. Once your design for manufacturing is complete, we will help you find a manufacturer and get samples.


We design products for manufacturing, often with specific tooling in mind. We will work with your manufacturer to develop proper tooling, but we do not make it ourselves.


We do not mass produce anything in house. We specialize in design for mass manufactured products. So why use us instead of a factory? Factories are very specialized places. We are generalists. We can design for a huge variety of materials and processes, choosing what works best for your product, not what works on our equipment. This results in a better design for our clients. We then help you find, vet, and work with manufacturers who take the designs we've created with you and work with us to make sure they will work on their equipment and implement any cost saving measures they can provide.