picture framing to fit your budget

We manufacture ready-made, hard wood or metal picture frames as well as custom framing to fit any customer's specific needs.

We carry all kinds of styles,sizes and colors at our factory in Bushwick,Brooklyn.

All wood,metal,glass and mats that comprise our frames are manufactured and assembled in our factory.


We can sell frames that are ready made or you can bring in your photos or art and have it custom framed.


We have many samples to showcase the wide array of different styles and colors of frames and mats, so that customers can mix and match to their personal tastes.


We manufacture our frames from the raw moldings to our customer's specifics and cut all our own glass and mats as well.


We mass produce ready-made frames of many different sizes,styles and colors for our department store and art store clients. Our local manufacturing facility and sizable inventory gives us a quick turnaround time from order to delivery.