Enticing retail environments + product lines through one-of-a-kind design + build + print!

We are...
Attract is founded by a collection of leaders and innovators changing how the industry produces custom furniture and retail fixtures globally. We are a group of creative, like-minded people who came together from various aspects of manufacturing, retail and design to be part of something different. A true solution.

Each member of our team brings an impressive and unique set of skills, education and industry experience to the table. We exceed expectations by maintaining direct involvement with every project from design concept to installation. We live for long-term relationships.

We are different...
None of us are interested in good... (more)


We are creatives that like to get our hands dirty. Through massive experience, constant continuing education, and a fresh approach we turn problems and ideas into a variety of concepts for your company to choose from. We then hold your hand through the process, taking these concepts to reality. And we have a blast doing it.


We have comprehensive in-house design capabilities, utilizing a combination of 3D and 2D techniques to bring ideas to life, provide proof of concept, showcase options and ideas, and to detail the complete production plan prior to sourcing, prototyping and production.


We leverage strategic relationships to provide an incredible library of the highest quality, responsibly sourced materials to complete each project.


We design, sample, prototype and test each product that we produce to ensure that the design intent is achieved and that each project is done right, every single time.


We design and produce custom tooling, as needed, and provide a clear production plan and schedule to get your project done right, well before your project begins.


We are makers, builders and artists at heart and in practice. We design, prototype, test, and build everything in house, when doing so is the best solution for the client. We have a fabulous 30,000 square foot mixed media studio equipped with full wood, metal, acrylic, upholstery, finishing, commercial digital & screen print, embroidery, photography, fibre arts, and other mixed media fabrication capabilities including CNC machining and wide format printing technologies. We also utilize strategic vendor partners both domestically and abroad to ensure the best overall cost and use of resources at all times, allowing us to deliver projects of impressive scale and scope for less. When we do produce components of a project outside our studio, we park ourselves in our vendor facilities through the manufacturing process and always ensure that work produced elsewhere is as high quality as those items we produce ourselves.