Handcrafted Wood Furniture

Garrett Hack’s earliest memories were of sawing and hammering, so naturally after pursuing civil engineering and architecture at Princeton almost thirty years ago he became a furniture maker. Later study at Boston University’s Program in Artisanry influenced his style of contemporary designs based on classic forms. Internationally known, his work and Federal-inspired brick shop have been featured in The New York Times, Preservation, Home Furniture, and Fine Woodworking, for whom he regularly writes articles about design and craftsmanship.

Fundamental to Garrett’s work are hand tools, for the polish of surfaces they cut and the subtle variations possible working by hand and... (more)


Take your concept drawings and reference materials to these factories. They will assist in refining your concept and thinking through the components involved in the Making Process.


A drafting specialist will create a blueprint of your idea using computer aided design (CAD) software. They make sure your design will be well-constructed.


Material suppliers will provide you with the raw materials and components of your end product.


Sample makers will assemble the first end product prototypes.