Classical design, contemporary sensibility

Gifford Cochran has the unique ability to merge classical design principles with a
contemporary sensibility. His furniture shows major influences from both the
Neoclassical and Beidermeier styles, yet remains fresh and always unique, raising
the bar for modern furniture design.

Born in Oyster Bay, New York in 1962, Gifford spent much of his childhood on
boats sailing the world. Despite his young age, traveling opened his eyes to a lot of
unique influences and provided the basis for his fascination with historically-based

Gifford has always been drawn to the fine craftsmanship of old world furniture and
combines that inherent quality with an uncanny awareness of the... (more)


Take your concept drawings and reference materials to these factories. They will assist in refining your concept and thinking through the components involved in the Making Process.


A drafting specialist will create a blueprint of your idea using computer aided design (CAD) software. They make sure your design will be well-constructed.


Sample makers will assemble the first end product prototypes.