Producers of quality denim, leather and canvas goods

Hardenco FOR LIFE. Everything we do is guaranteed for life. That’s lifetime repair policy. We are 100% Made in the United States on Antique Sewing Machines. You buy from us, you are making an investment in the product, in the local and national economy, and placing a bet on small business and manufacturing in america. Our product line is informed by tradition, crafted with care. We source all of our hardware, thread, even our buttons from the USA. Our jeans are some of the toughest. It’s hard to describe online something that is best experienced in person.

While maintaining our own... (more)


At HARDENCO, we work closely with clients to bring ideas to life and production. As dreamers and designers ourselves, we have spent countless hours trying and refining techniques, figuring what works and what doesn't. Anything is possible, it is really a matter of figuring out the essence of the problem you are looking to solve.


We have experience drafting agreeing patterns and may be able to assist in the development of new patterns.


Due to the nature our business we are in touch with some of the best sources for quality materials. We are able to source the materials or assist the customers in finding what they need. We have a major focus on USA sourced goods and materials and have worked tirelessly to create a network of USA manufacturers that can provide everything from quality denim to webbing to leather and hardware.


If you have a design that needs a physical we can accommodate. We will work with clients to refine the ideas and hone the design so that is production ready.


Because we are manufacturers we are always in need of tooling for our own purposes and have a strong network of USA tool makers for most applications.