Helping Start ups get their feet on the ground

Various Apparel - Hoodie, Fleece, Skirts, Jackets, Pants

Military Gear - Backpacks, Pouches, Vests, Body Armor, Plate Carriers, Medical Bags/Kits

EMS - Medical Backpacks, Med Pouches, Trauma Kits

And much more.......


By talking extensively with client and listen to what their thought process is. Asking lots of questions, reviewing any pictures - drawings. Utilizing past ideas and work to use this to help make the first Proof of Concept product. Once this is complete, if on target, refine and make prototypes. If this is not on target make necessary changes and update the Proof of Concept until the customer obtains the desired goal.


We have the capability to take the initial templates and digitize them for electronic cutting


We prefer to use the Customers materials but can also source or make recommendations for sourcing.


If patterns are available we can produce samples for the customers


If the customer decides to use us for the their production we can do this at our location