We specialize in plastic dip moldings and coatings as well as fluid bed dip powder coatings using Vinyls, Nylons, Epoxy, and Polyolefins.

Innovative Coatings, Inc. draws from over 40 years of experience in the plastic molding and protective coatings industry to maintain an enviable reputation for quality, craftsmanship and the highest levels of customer service.

Our manufacturing facility located in Medway, Massachusetts occupies 30,000 square feet and utilizes production equipment ranging from low volume prototype and design work right through to high volume computerized production lines capable of churning out millions of consistent high quality parts.

All ICI coating compounds can be formulated to meet a variety of customer specifications and requirements such as.....Color matching, Finish (gloss, texture, foam), Durometer, Mil-Spec, Non-toxicity, UV stability,... (more)