Timeless, honest furnishings.

IW is a design/build workshop committed to honorably crafting timeless and honest handmade furnishings.
We believe workmanship should be lasting, both aesthetically and structurally, through a simplicity and utility of form, and a marriage of material and object.
Carefully employing traditional tools and practices, diverse designs are constructed to survive life's hard knocks and fleeting trends with grace and aplomb. functionality and longevity drive the design process to distill essential ideals and needs into serviceable heirlooms. domestic hardwoods are sourced locally and responsibly, worked on a human scale and finished naturally to deliberately love our neighbors. we strive for quality in all... (more)


sketching, design, model-making, rough-prototyping.


Prototyping, material samples, finish samples.


Small batch production is possible. Most of my work is custom commissioned work for private clients, architects and designers.