We take your art from print-to-part.

What we make: Precision tooling, dies, stamping dies, automation, die repair, gages, fixtures, jigs, prototypes, assemblies, production.

Machining Capabilities: Wire EDM, Conventional EDM, CNC mill w/4th axis, CNC Lathe, Swiss Lathe, High Speed Milling, surface grind, manual mill and lathe

CAD/CAM Software: .dxf files, .stp files, SolidWorks, VISI, AutoCAD, PEPS


We can look at an idea and help make it better for manufacturing, improve features to make it more durable, ergonomic, and user friendly. We can also help with determining wear parts and how to make them last longer or replace them cheaper.


We can provide prototypes very quickly depending on your needs. We are a job shop so we are used to making several different one piece parts in any given day.


Tooling has been our mainstay since the company began in 1992. Our skilled machinists can hold tolerances to .0002" and better. We have top of the line machinery and do our best to keep up with the latest technologies to meet manufacturing demands. The quality of our parts shows in that they last longer, making your line more productive with fewer repairs.


Our CNC's and Swiss lathes handle most or our mass production. Our CNC's can handle a wide variety of parts, the Swiss lathes can run stock as small as .080" all the way up to 1.25".