We help transform simple to most ambitious designs into high quality sewn products

Small sewing company, manufacturing restaurant uniforms, private labels, salesman samples etc.
Also providing clothing designers with whole production cycle:
- Product Development (Pattern Making, Grading, Prototyping and Sample Making);
- Manufacturing (Marking, Cutting, Sewing and Packing).

Equipment & Machinery:


We provide customers with an engineering evaluation of the feasibility of the designs, advising about the ways of reducing the cost of a Product, advising about appropriate fabric, trim, thread etc.


We make First, Final and Production Patterns, do Grading and make Markers. Pattern maker creates First Patterns according to the design and specification, or makes adjustments to customer's patterns. Final patterns are made after Fitting session and Prototype's approvement or adjustment. Production Patterns are made according to cutting requirements. Grading is a process of increasing or decreasing sizes. Marker is a layout of pattern pieces for optimal fabric utilization.


We make Prototypes and Samples. Prototype is a first sample of a Product, normally subject to discussion, changes or improvement. Final Sample is a standard for manufacturing


Minimum order for production is 25 pieces. We make smaller numbers with the higher prices per piece.