As a fashion entrepreneur with vast experience in design and production, my expertise is in sweaters and knitwear. My specialties are as follows: yarn technology, yarn and stitch development, gauge analysis, specifications, color matching, swatching, assessing appropriate ways to produce end product(s) by analyzing factories, machinery available, minimum requirements and logistics. With experience in both domestic hand-loomed and industrial production, I can advise which method is best to pursue for achieving the end product. As a small business owner, troubleshooting, resourcefulness, flexibility and backup plans are always necessary to keep the manufacturing cycle on target. Sourcing for yarn, trim,... (more)


ideation- Create and guide the knit process from concept to reality. Guidance for yarn and color selection, gauge, stitch development and swatching to final garment or product. Can work within parameters of a grouping or an individual unit. Can assist with merchandising a collection and readying for market.


Can advise specing of knitwear.


Able to advise on preparation of tech pack as well as swatching, sourcing for materials, trim and accessories.