INDUSTRY SPECIALIST: Fabrics + Materials Sourcing

Jay has manufactured women's apparel for 30 years. He ran a Seventh Ave. showroom during the 1980's and went to school at night at FIT. He has been representing suppliers of fabric, notions, trims and garment construction necessities to independent designers, uniform companies, event planners, garment manufacturers and others since 2002.

Jay currently offers consultation services that cover:

- Fabric and Trim Use and Sourcing
- Timeline Development (for start ups)
- Specialized Sourcing
- Sub Assembly Sourcing
- We Save You Money!

We can assist you in developing a time line and valuable check lists. Jay has experience and connections that... (more)


Industry Specialists are for those brands and designers who are looking for more hands-on guidance and assistance through the product development and production process. Industry Specialists are industry veterans with years of experience sourcing and producing for their own brands. They can help with: - Ideation - Product development - Budgeting - Business plans - Project management and organization - Finding the right supplier and/or manufacturing partner - Marketing and sales advice