Efficient & Organized Product Development and Technical Design Consultant

Are you looking for an expert level fashion industry consultant to get the best cost and quality for your product?

I am currently working with people or small businesses who have been though a minimum of one manufacturing cycle. I have 15+ years fashion industry experience across several categories which gives me a unique angle on product creation and gives you quick, high quality results. I've spent months at a time working in factories in the US and many other countries, and am very familiar with manufacturing processes of many types. I can help guide you down the right path for... (more)


I've worked on tons of different types of products throughout my career. I have a lot of experience with intimate apparel, sleepwear, loungewear, activewear, and much more. When I look at a sketch or proto now, I can foresee where the manufacturing hang ups or fit challenges may be at a glance. I will help you create something that is executable in a factory setting.


I can review your pattern to see where fit issues may be occurring & make tweaks as needed to correct the 'trouble spots'.


If you can describe what you are looking for, I can find it. I have a wide and varied network of suppliers who can develop in small or large quantities.


Let me help you get that first sample fitting correctly. You should only have to make a couple to a few fit samples before you go into production.


I make very detailed, clear, and cohesive tech packs as I'm used to using these to communicate with manufacturers all over the world. Don't go into production without a production tech pack!


Don't know where to manufacture? Is location or speed more important? Or cost? Tell me your end goal so I can get your product to the right factory.