Built-In Smartphone, Smartwatch and Tablet Power for Bags

The only makers of Smart Power Supplies for bags. Rechargeable long life power for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Several slim, long life models.

Elegant and robust, computerized power systems designed to be integrated at the sewing factory in the US or overseas.

Extensive patents on all the critical elements of integrating power and electronics into bags. Critical for your success and will hinder your competition.

Quote from one bag brand customer "Until we started using Joey systems we thought "integrated power" were just words. We thought we could drop a battery in a bag's pocket and call it a... (more)


We provide Design Training for integrating power into bags including illustrated design documents showing best practices for strongest sales. We also assist during bag design with design reviews to improve the integration and maximize the end user benefit and the competitiveness of the bags. We also provide category strategy overviews, a review of trends and the most successful strategies in the powered bag category.


We provide illustrated design documents on how to design bags for power systems. We also review your designs as they develop to improve the integration and maximize the bags competitiveness, sales and customer satisfaction.