Handmade goods from the American Midwest.

Joseph Ryan is a small production furniture company based in the Midwest. Every piece of furniture we produce starts at the local lumber yard. We hand select each board to ensure every client gets the best lumber as possible. All products we make are handmade by us in our humble shop in North Liberty, Iowa. Trees grow really slow, so we do our best to maximize each piece of timber to cut down on extra waste. Additionally we prefer to use a low - 0% VOC finish making our products family friendly, and Eco-conscious.


We are happy to assist with any ideas you have. From early stage prototyping, to full on production.


We provide materials for products / projects.


If you are undecided on a finish or wood species, let us help. We can provide sample products of both.


We can put your product, or ours in to production. Just give us a heads up on your lead time, and we can arrange a timeline to ensure delivery.