textile design service

I am offering a textile design service for designers. I specialize in formatting the art to the garment and pattern pieces.
I can take design elements and combine them to create something unique for you, a flower from one source or a geometric from another and make it yours!
I will format your textile design or idea to the specifications of digital printing,
the correct width
the correct colors
the correct repeat
the correct scale
using your art or photographs.
I will also help you understand the marker and why it is important to the cost of your projects. I can show you what a... (more)


I help designers choose a fabric design with the right scale and colors. I show designers what their creation will look like on a model, with photoshop tools, 2 dimensional. I can help designers with a textile design they may have purchased from a studio by setting the art to repeat and width of the desired fabric specifications. I can show different layouts, scales and colors so you can make better choices for your garment. If you have a few files of art that you want to combine I can show you what it will look like and assist through all the changes until its what you want.


I will help with the marker and format of the pattern pieces to fit to the textile design. I help set the design to the digital printing specs. I help decide on the pattern to get the costs down. I source the fabric in Asia or here in the USA.


I can create the samples of fabric I can make the garment with your pattern