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We have over 20 years in the Patternmaking and Samplemaking Industry. We provide consultant services to first time designers. We do everything; providing sourcing, research from sketch to production.


From concepts to completion we go over all the details from fabrication and construction to setting up timelines for production. Our team looks into fabric choices, threads, zippers and button, etc. as well purchasing these items at a corporate rate which saves our clients time and money. We go over your designs, patterns and samples to make sure that they are functional as well as constructed properly which means we check every detail from stitching to pocket placement on each garment and explain the necessary changes needed to correct any errors to your garments. Here are some examples of what our consultancy services offer: Find, Source and price all trimmings Find, Source and price fabrications at mills Find, Source and price factories for production Develop a realistic timeline for project from concept to design


With our experienced patternmakers you get 20 years of experience in the industry. Because of JustRaymona being able to get on the sewing machine and actually stitch, first patterns are usually production ready. Included in the pattern fee, you get muslin fitting so you can actually see your design lines before the pattern is made. (This double checks the design and lets you see what your look will be before cutting your sample). You get pattern corrections after samples are made without any additional fee unless it’s a design change (there's usually a separate muslin fee and production pattern fee). You also get our expertise on industry sizing specs when it comes to grading which is a must for production. We will make alterations to samples within reason as well


Our team handles all the necessary arrangements in order to ensure that production sticks to specified timeline. We also handle all quality assurance and production issues that may arise during the production process as well as spot checks all items to ensure that they are to industry spec after production. Some of those services are: Handle all grading Assist will all specs and fittings Negotiate with factories to keep cost down and quality up Manage factories for quality control and design esthetics We can provide you with tech packs. The difference with our group and most; we create the sample with corrections first and then provide the specs for production. We have a strong group of fashion technicians to create professional tech packs with all details included required for factory garment production. The tech packs created by us are so user friendly that even a sampling tailor can refer the tech pack and create the sample with no construction mistakes which includes a detailed sketch.