Covered Belts, Buttons, Buckles

Having the experience of 25+ years on the industry, at Karina's Belts & Trim we offer a great selection of custom made belts and trims for the fashion and apparel industries.

Our belts and trim pieces are guaranteed to give a unique spin to any outfit you wear.

We work with individual designers and with big companies.

Our variety of trims includes snaps, eyelets, heat transfers, nail heads, pearls, metal tips, covered, leather and vinyl belts, buttons and buckles.

If you take a look at our covered button styles, you can see that we have a great selection. Actually we have... (more)


We welcome people with or without a settle product idea. The president of the company has the best knowledge on every item that we work with. He always helps in the development of new ideas regardless if the process has to start from zero ground. Even when you have a final fit, he make suggestions on your best interest but always respecting customers decision.


We prefer to have the patterns made when coming to us but if it is a simple pattern for the application of trims like snaps, eyelets or heat transfers, we can help you with the development of a first piece and work from there. When it comes to producing a specific die to cut leather straps, leather tags, or any leather cuts we can produce it with just a picture of your design, measurements or a sample of the final piece to re- produce.


For Belts: We have some stock of vinyl and some leather materials but we also provide you with suggestions on places were you can acquire specific materials. When it comes to trims or buttons, or buckle parts we also have some variety on stock, but we treat this in an individual basis.


We do produce samples on any of our trims. Particularly for buttons our minimum charge is per one dozen


We do production in a daily basis for our big companies. Our biggest productions are on belts and buttons ( which conveys the appliance of covered buckles and eyelets as part of the process in most cases ). However we also do production on any of our other trims.