Manufacturer of Wire Rope Assemblies

We specialize in wire rope assemblies made with galvanized or stainless cable, coated or bare, up to 1/8 inch in diameter. These cable assemblies are used in the automotive industry, in appliances, in industrial light fixtures, in architectural features, and a variety of other applications. Whether you are building RV's , bird houses, or anything in between, we can help!

The Roy I Kaufman Company was founded in 1956 with a strong commitment to quality and excellent customer service. The company grew to become an award-winning supplier for some of the largest automotive and appliance manufacturers in the United States... (more)


We can help with the design of assemblies if needed.


We can find suppliers for the materials needed.


We can provide samples of the assemblies before production proceeds.


We can determine the tooling/preparation needed and provide you with a cost estimate.


We mass produce assemblies.