USA Manufacturer of high loft nonwovens

We are pleased to offer world class high loft nonwoven manufacturing for an array of industries. Our customized machinery and dedicated team of people produce a full spectrum of products with a variety of end uses. The driving force in Kem-Wove's organization is our strong commitment to our customers, innovations in new product development and providing quality solutions at competitive prices. Our products utilize different types of fibers and denier sizes.
Air Filter Media
Moldable and Pleatable Media
Spray and Thermal Bonded
Ultrasoft to Firm
Foam-Like Fiberfill
Heat Sealable Media
Abrasive/Scrub Pads
Paint Over Spray Media
Specialty Filtration Products
Widths out... (more)


We are excellent in new product development.


Kem-Wove is a manufacturer of high loft nownovens for filtration, apparel, furniture, insulation, military, automotive, medical, acoustical, household, industrial, footware, incontinence, marine and others.