American Made Children's Footwear Since 1888

We manufacture high-quality leather baby boots, kids' shoes, dress shoes, sandals, and crib shoes. Established in 1888, Kepner Scott was purchased by Milo Zimmerman in 1962. Today, Milo's grandchildren Steve Zimmerman and Sue Murphy are the owners with Steve's daughters, the fourth generation, on board as well. We have a team of about twenty employees with an average employee retention rate of about twenty years.


We will refine an idea to adapt it to fit our lasts, dies, and production process. If a designer comes to us with an existing pattern, we can source necessary dies.


We have a pattern maker available.


We have all raw materials necessary to make children's footwear.


Sample makers will assemble the first end product prototypes.


Tooling factories produce custom tools that accelerate the production time of the end product.


These factories will mass produce your designs.