Taking your line from design into production.

The abundance of people who want to break into the footwear industry from both within and beyond the boundaries of fashion is ever present; I'm their guide through the process.

After getting to know the local Los Angeles footwear manufacturers' and suppliers, and starting my career working in a California shoe factory, I worked with various Chinese factories to gain proper experience in both countries. I built the knowledge and contact base I needed to start my own custom shoe collection built right here in California and took it on the road to sell direct to customers. I... (more)


Depending on the individual clients' needs, I can design full women's and men's footwear/handbag collections as well as take already designed pieces and refine them into someone that a factory can look at and easily understand.


I assist in sourcing materials by referring relevant suppliers to my clients for their projects. I specialize in leathers but have varied experience with vegan materials & fabrics as well. I work with suppliers for hardware, internal components, logo stamps, heels, glues, etc.


I guide my clients through the prototyping and sampling phases working with the pattern maker and factory to ensure complete understanding by both the factory and the designer. The designers work through me in order to prevent frustration often felt by the factory when working with a new designer.


I help to determine costs associated with going into production including tooling, packaging, shipping and labor costs.


Once the sample line is complete, we work together to cost the product for retail and determine MOQ's from the factories and supply chain logistics.