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A Small Business
We are a small business that has been a long time in the making. We have worked for both large and small businesses over the years, where we have learned a lot about business - both what to do - and what not to do. We have found that good business boils down to providing excellent customer service. Without you, the customer, we have no business, so we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are satisfied with your order and service from K&J Magnetics.

Magnet Lovers
We have been fascinated by magnets... (more)


This stage involves gathering all the necessary materials needed to make your product. Some factories provide materials and assembly; sometimes you will need to buy materials separately.


"Production run" means making a lot of one product at once. The factories listed under "production" can produce small and/or large quantities. The minimum order for a production run can vary from factory to factory (some have no minimum, some require a dozen, and some require up to 1,000 to be made at once)