How will you KNITit?

KNITit is a 3D knitting startup based in Grand Rapids, MI. KNITit specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of knit products in one seamless 3D part.
KNITit's lead knit engineer, Liz Bartlett has developed seamless 3D knit solutions for industries such as; compression therapy; office furniture, automotive, and consumer electronics for companies like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Apple, Samsung, J.C.I., Magna, and many others.

KNITit has small scale, large scale, and custom manufacturing capabilities.

How will you KNITit?


Phase 1. YARN KNITit has sample yarn if desired for immediate development. If your product must use a specific material that KNITit does not have in house, KNITit may source the yarn you need from one of KNITit's trusted yarn vendors. Phase 2: SWATCHES This is the first phase of developing a product with KNITit. After documents have been signed and a design brief shared, KNITit will discuss with your design team what textures and shapes you want to achieve. At least 2 different swatches will be created based on this initial discussion and will be reviewed by your team to determine the best stitch construction(s) to move forward with on your product. Phase 3: PROTOTYPE KNITit develops a program for the first prototype. When you develop a product with KNITit you are developing a complete 3D product with no seams, no cutting, and no sewing. This means no pattern drafting because the process is done through engineering stitch structures on a specific computer program.


Phase 4: PRODUCTION KNITit has capacity for prototyping, development, and small scale manufactuering. KNITit also has relationships with the 3 most trusted 3D knitting mass manufacturers in North America and will work with them closely to ensure quality production of your mass produced product. 3D Knitting Advantages include: NO waste NO post knit labor NO seams The ability to engineer various applications to aid in the processes of upholstery, donning, or doffing.