30 years of experience. Think we can't make a specific fabric? Try us.

Lafayette Textiles Corp is a premier supplier to the apparel and fashion industry located in Los Angeles, CA. The company works with highly skilled knitters, chemists, and textile engineers using state of the art European machinery in the following processes: circular knitting, dyeing (piece knit and woven goods), laboratory (color matching), printing (pigment and specialty wet printing), finishing (wet and dry), and quality control.

We have produced fabrics from the ground up for some of our customers. Since 1985, we have been at the forefront of testing and developing new fabrics.


Customers come to us looking for a certain weight of fabric or feel. We are able to advise them what fabric would give them the results they are looking for and assist with developing the fabric for them.


Yes, we carry our own yarn inventory that we will use to develop specific fabrics to our clients' requests. We also carry a large inventory of finished goods that are available for sale by the yard.


Yes, we create samples for all of our products. We have a showroom located 10-15 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. Customers are able to take 1 yard cuts at no charge.


Yes, if a customer is looking to place a large order of fabric we will be able to knit, dye, and finish exactly to their specifications. Turnaround time is usually 3 weeks.