A different way to get where you're going..... Sweaters, Cut & Sew, Accessories... We make stuff!

Simply put, we make stuff and get stuff made. Based in Los Angeles, Left Coast. Agency is a one stop shop for apparel and accessory development and manufacturing. We utilize a curated network of manufactures and suppliers to produce high quality garments for ladies and gents (little tikes & pooches too). We don’t discriminate. We’re here to help…

We specialize in fully fashioned sweaters, contemporary cut-n-sew knitwear, accessories, silk screened t’s, embroidered hats, swag, and band merch.

We believe in manufacturing in the good ol’ USA and we hope you do too. In the event that your business model calls... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


Left Coast. Agency is here to help as much, or as little is needed. In addition to manufacturing we offer design, technical design, line development, brand development, business strategy and mentorship. Our expertise is knitted products which can be a bit of a mystery to people outside of that area. We love sweaters and cut and sewn product and can turn a band T or any kind of print in a short period window.


First sample patterns all the way thru production, marking, and grading


Fabric and material sourcing experts. We have connections !


1st samples thru sew by and production samples


We accomplish pre-production thru production, tech packs, fit sessions, corrections, and QC. We're development pros.


We can get just about anything made in large quantities, or not so large quantities. Hit us up! That being said, small quantities are welcome, even one of a kind, but with that comes development costs since that takes the most time and effort to accomplish.